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Trump in 2008: Women who use looks to get ahead can be "very effective"

2008 Trump flashback
2008 Trump flashback 00:44

Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump will take to the stage at the Republican National Convention and speak in support of her father on Thursday night.

In a recent interview with CBS News, Ivanka discussed how she wants to disrupt the "dated concepts of what it really looks like and means to be a working woman."

As a full time working mother of three, Ivanka Trump has been called her father's best asset to combat his critics' constant complaints that the Republican nominee for president is a sexist.

2008 Trump flashback 00:45

Eight years ago Donald Trump sat down to discuss working women with correspondent Susan Spencer for CBS Sunday Morning.

Spencer asked Trump if he thought women used different techniques to get ahead in the workplace than men.

"Well some women use the ultimate technique - their beauty, their look, their whatever. If they are so inclined and if they have that so-called asset," Trump said.

Spencer asks if that's effective.

"It's very effective," he said, "If a woman happens to be a beautiful woman, and if she knows how to put on the charm, I've seen many men have just absolutely cratered. Now, not all women have that asset, just like not all men have that asset. But I have seen beautiful women put on the charm, if they're bright."'

"Oftentimes, and you've heard it many times before, a woman that's beautiful doesn't have to be as smart, and they tend not to be as smart," he continued. "Who knows if that's true?"

Spencer asks Trump if women can overdo it.

2008 Trump flashback 00:14

He responds, "They can overdo it and they become cheap and they become disrespected and I mean you really lose respect for them at a certain point. But if done subtly and brilliantly, it's very effective."

Spencer follows up by asking Trump if he had a formula for how businesswomen could get ahead, what would it be?

"Well, it's a shame because not everybody is the same. You have beautiful women who are not very smart, you have beautiful women who are very, very brilliant and smart, you have women that are not very attractive that are totally brilliant and also very successful," he told Spencer.

"Then you have women who aren't attractive and aren't smart. You know, it happens. And by the way, same thing in the men ... But all men and women are created equal, well that's not necessarily so."

Laura Strickler, Bianca Hillier and Phil Vallone contributed to this story.

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