"Crazy Shots:" Meet Ray B., our Vietnam Vet cameraman

Lara Logan didn't shoot her "60 Minutes" story in the deadly Korengal Valley with just any cameraman

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It's no accident that "60 Minutes" correspondent Lara Logan took now-retired CBS News cameraman R.A. Bribiesca on her trip to Afghanistan last summer. "Ray B." has not only been covering wars for decades -- he is also a Vietnam vet.

In this video, you'll see how "60 Minutes" got such riveting combat footage from the Afghan-Pakistan border: Ray B. risked his life to capture what he calls "crazy shots" when Lara and the military unit she was traveling with were ambushed by foreign fighters.

Watch Lara Logan's full report.

Ray Bribiesca, working as a cameraman in Vietnam

Half Native-American, half-Mexican, Ray B. believes his heritage helps keep him safe in a war zone, whether in Afghanistan or El Salvador. "I look like this, so I blend," he says. He also mixes well with soldiers. When Ray B. arrived in Afghanistan to embed with the 101st Airborne Division, he shook hands with soldiers, saying: "Thank you for your service. And that's coming from a Vietnam vet. I was once in your shoes." When the young soldiers saw gunshot scars peeking out from under Ray's shorts, he says they understood: "I'm one of them."