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Child's quest for answers about the pandemic takes an unexpected turn

Girl's quest for answers takes unexpected turn
Child's quest for answers about coronavirus pandemic takes unexpected turn 02:08

It's been a hard year, especially for children who are having to get used to the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. But children are resilient and, as one family in Massachusetts taught us, they also put others first.

Nine-year-old Abby Hucker's mom sent the "CBS Evening News" a note saying Abby, like most kids, has struggled this year. But watching the news has helped the family make sense of it all.

"Abby and her little brother are doing OK. I think a big part of that is due to the fact that she gets so many of her questions answered by watching the news. Knowledge empowers her to dismiss many of her fears," the note said.

"CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O'Donnell recently made a surprise phone call to the 9-year-old to thank her for watching the news.

"I love that at 9 years old that you already love journalism," O'Donnell told Abby before asking the 9-year-old to tell her father that "we're so proud of the work" he's doing.

Dr. Bill Hucker
Dr. Bill Hucker and his daughter Abby. Handout

Abby's dad, Dr. Bill Hucker, treats COVID-19 patients at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

After learning from the "CBS Evening News" that protective gear was in short supply, Abby offered her tooth fairy money to her father's hospital. She's also sacrificed hugs from her father, going weeks without his embrace as he quarantines to keep the family safe.

When Abby grows up, she wants to be a journalist.  "I look forward to sharing the desk with her," O'Donnell said.

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