Cover Story: September 12

In this photo taken on May 19, 2009, a couple takes a stroll along Hanalei Bay in Hanalei, Hawaii. Hanalei Bay was named the nation's No. 1 beach in "Dr. Beach" Stephen P. Leatherman's annual rankings. Located on Kauai's scenic north shore, the 2-mile crescent-shaped beach was selected based on 50 criteria, including water and sand quality, safety, facilities and environmental management. (AP Photo/Jaymes Song)
AP Photo/Jaymes Song
CBS News Correspondent Lee Cowan reported on people whose lives were changed forever on Sept. 11, including a woman recovering from burns over 60 percent of her body and the father of a firefighter who travels to Ground Zero every day, in hopes searchers will find the body of his lost son.

Here are some of the people whose stories were told on CBS News Sunday Morning:

Dennis O'Berg keeps coming back to the site every day, shovel in hand. He comes to be near his fire-fighting son, also named Dennis, missing, somewhere in the rubble.

Nikki Stern lost her husband, Jim Potorti, that day. Now, she volunteers for countless committees on how best to remember the dead.

Baraheen Ashrafi lost her husband, too: Mohhamed Chowdhury. Their son was born almost exactly 48 hours after his father was killed.

And then there is Vasana Moututanont, who had burns over 60 percent of her body.

Going home from the hospital was hard. Living at home is proving just as tough.