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Comics celebrate Don Rickles' career at Friars Club gala

Don Rickles has made some high-profile friends over the years.

On Monday night, the 87-year-old comedian was greeted by the likes of John Mayer, Jon Stamos, Kathy Griffin, Bob Saget, Tony Bennet and longtime buddy Bob Newhart, among many others, when he arrived at a special Friars Club ceremony in New York in celebration of his lengthy career.

Rickles has been in the spotlight since the 1950s, attracting notoriety as one of the first comics who wasn't afraid of insulting his audience. He also has no qualms about going after celebrities.

"I do love his 'no apologies' policy," Griffin said on the red carpet. "He has all these great stories of making fun of somebody like Gregory Peck back in the day. He just basically kept teasing him until Gregory Peck finally got it...So he's of course my idol for that reason and many others."

Lewis Black also attended Monday's gala, where Rickles was presented with the Friars Club's annual Applause Award.

Black shared the sentiments of many comics who were at the ceremony.

"Don Rickles had a huge influence on me," Black said. "He just made me laugh a lot. He did anything else, I wouldn't have ended up in this idiotic profession. He's a gift."

Watch video above to hear Black and Griffin talk more about Rickles. Joan Rivers also speaks about just how far back her and Rickles actually go.

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