Lewis Black talks Broadway debut and beltway politics

(CBS News) Comedian Lewis Black is taking his show on the road, straight to the "Great White Way," that is. The performer is set to perform in his own show, "Lewis Black: Running on Empty," on Broadway, starting on Oct. 8.

Black spoke with "CBS This Morning" co-hosts, Gayle King, Charlie Rose, and Norah O'Donnell, on Thursday morning to talk about his show opening, the first presidential debate, and coming up as a comedian.

Admittedly cranky due to an early wakeup call for the show, Black told viewers what to expect from the show. "I'm not an angry person, but I'm angry on stage," he said. Also a self-described "pain in the neck," as a child, Black said his onstage persona developed early on in life.

The conversation turned to the presidential debates of the previous night, and Black summed up his less-than-favorable reaction.

"I thought that it was good that I could stay awake," he joked. "I find it kind of weird that we are supposedly the most intelligent people on the planet and we're really this bright group, that two minutes, they have to speak -- two minutes to tell us about the economy, about the medical thing, about social security -- two minutes, it's ludicrous! You can't explain how to do a souffle in two minutes!"

For more of Black's thoughts -- and rants -- on the debates, his favorite comedians, and what to expect from his debut on the Great White Way, watch the video above.