Does Joan Rivers know what's best?

Joan and Melissa Rivers talk about their years on the red carpet.

(CBS News) The hilarious mother-daughter duo, Joan and Melissa Rivers, are best known for their red carpet reporting and their fashion know-how. They also star in their own reality show on WeTV, "Joan and Melissa: Joan knows best." The season premiere of their show is Saturday.

Joan created and hosted "Live from the Red Carpet" for E! from 1994 to 2004. Melissa wasn't always on the red carpet with her, and the red carpets ranged from the Oscars to the Country Music Awards

Joan and Melissa told Anthony Mason and Rebecca Jarvis that they began working together years ago when Melissa was asked by E! who she wanted as a partner on the red carpet, and she said her mother.

They're able to communicate with each other much more directly than they are with other people, even sometimes cutting each other off. "You can be much ruder to your parent than you can a co-host," Melissa said about their careers working together.

After being through countless red carpet situations both together and individually, there are definitely people that they prefer to interview. Joan said, "The new ones love it; the old ones do you a favor just by showing up."

Special section: 2013 Oscars

With Oscars just a day away, the two offered some insights on how to talk to celebrities on the red carpet. They said that reporters have to spend time listening because it's easy to tell if you're standing there trying to come up with the next question.

And the most important thing is not to ask anything too difficult, like math because "they'll get too confused and they'll just panic," said Joan.

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