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Chris Christie interrupted by hecklers in Iowa

At the 2015 Iowa Agriculture Summit New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was met by some New Jersey hecklers
At the 2015 Iowa Agriculture Summit New Jerse... 01:08

First up at this weekend's Iowa Ag Summit: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie -- and his hecklers in the audience.

"I'm glad to see that New Jersey has come to Iowa," Christie said after two protesters from his home state interrupted a sit-down interview with the summit's host, Bruce Rastetter.

Christie addressed the hecklers directly: "How great is that? Great to have you here. And I think you understand I'll deal with you the same way here as I deal with you in New Jersey."

Rastetter, for his part, tried to turn back the conversation to management of the Environmental Protection Agency.

"It is really a wonderful country where people can do that, but I think it's also a country where we ought to have discussions about serious issues rather than just protest. So, we will try to move on," Rastetter said.

The two protesters were from a group called Finish the Job in New Jersey, which calls for the state government's support in providing housing to victims of 2012's Superstorm Sandy. They were quickly removed from the crowd by police officers.

"I'm begging you," one of the hecklers said before his removal. "I'm begging you for life."

The likely Republican presidential candidate, known for his brash speaking style, brushed it off, saying, "See now, my people follow me everywhere, Bruce. It's fabulous. I'm magnetic, Bruce. They can't stay away from me."

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