How does a Trump vs. Clinton match-up play out?

With Donald Trump all but locking up his spot on the ballot in November, what happens next in the campaign?
With Donald Trump all but locking up his spot... 03:23

An outsider who read the mood of Republicans better than anyone now controls a party that fought him at every step. John Kasich, Donald Trump's last opponent, dropped out -- ensuring Trump will be the party's first nominee since Eisenhower to run with no political experience.

On the Democratic side, the race is also just about over. Hillary Clinton has 92 percent of the votes she needs to win the nomination.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican race a... 01:57

So what does a Trump versus Clinton match-up look like?

"The Clinton campaign will work to distill their message against Donald Trump," said CBS News' Nancy Cordes, who has been covering the Democratic race since day one.

"She will make the case on issues and on personality, in a way that some Republicans only did when it was too late."

Major Garrett, who has been covering the Republican race, said senior Trump advisers have told him if Trump is the issue, they lose.

"What has to be the issue, and what Trump has to guarantee will be projected as the issue, is the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton's role in it."

The big question now, says "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson, is if the Republican party will rally behind Trump.

"A lot of Republicans in Washington are still trying to figure out how much to get behind him, and how much to run on their own kind of ticket -- and just hope that things don't come crashing down."

To hear what else the CBS News political team has to say about the 2016 race, watch the video above.