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British police officer praised for saving van dangling off bridge

LONDON -- A British police officer has been praised for grabbing hold of a van as it dangled on an icy bridge over a highway with the driver trapped inside.

The West Yorkshire Police force said Constable Martin Willis arrived Friday at the scene of an accident that had left the large van teetering on the edge of the bridge.

Willis says he could see the van sway every time another vehicle passed. He grabbed the rear axle and held it until a fire department crew arrived. Willis said Saturday he told the driver not to panic and "whatever you do, don't move." 

The fire service said the driver is recovering in a hospital.

The constable posted pictures of the rescue on Twitter, where he goes by Motorway Martin.

"A very sincere thank you to everyone for all your kind tweets. I was only doing my job, but feel very honoured to [receive] so much praise," Martin tweeted Saturday.

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