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Boyfriend of missing Texas woman indicted on drug charges

COLLIN COUNTY, Texas - The boyfriend of a 23-year-old Texas woman missing since August has been indicted on drug charges unrelated to the woman's disappearance, reports CBS DFW.

Authorities say Hunter Foster is one of 15 people indicted on drug conspiracy charges in connection with a drug trafficking operation. He was arrested at an after-hours club that operates out of a northwest Dallas strip club, according to the station.

Foster's girlfriend, Christina Morris, vanished after a night out with friends on Aug. 30. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Morris' mother, Jonni McElroy, told CBS DFW upon hearing of Foster's arrest that her daughter had been "upset" over Foster's alleged drug use and "threatened to leave him" shortly before she vanished.

Police have long-said that Foster has an alibi for the night Morris went missing.

Morris was last seen on surveillance video with a high school acquaintance, Enrique Arochi. The two were seen walking in the parking garage of a Plano shopping and dining development in the early morning hours of Aug. 30, the day she disappeared.

Arachi told police the two separated and each walked to their cars, though they are not seen separating on the video. Morris' silver Toyota Celica was found unmoved, still parked in the garage.

In a Sept. 24 warrant seeking permission to search Arochi's car, police said he "intentionally made false statements that hindered detectives in locating Morris." In the warrant, officers also said the most likely way that Morris could have left the parking garage undetected was in Arochi's car - which they say had sustained damage and had been recently cleaned.

Arochi has maintained his innocence and says he doesn't know where Morris is.

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