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FAA approves drone use in search for Texas woman

Regulators issued an emergency waiver and lifted tough drone regulations in Texas. 23-year-old Christina Morris went missing on August 30
FAA allows use of drone to help search for missing woman in Texas 02:55

PLANO, Texas -- Search crews looking for a missing Fort Worth, Texas woman can now use drones to aid their search, reports CBS DFW.

Christina Morris went missing Aug. 30, after spending an evening with some friends in Plano, Texas.

Since then, crews have been searching for her there and in wooded areas in neighboring Allen, Texas.

On Wednesday, volunteers scoured Allen on foot, horseback, and with ATVs, but found no clues.

So Texas EqquSearch, the group spearheading the search, has decided to take to the skies. The group applied for permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to begin using drones to scan the area from above.

The FAA granted the request and three drones were scheduled to be deployed at 8 a.m. Thursday to take aerial pictures, but they were delayed due to inclement weather.

The search director says the drones will fly at an altitude of no higher than 400 feet.

"If we see something that looks like it is out of line that shouldn't be there, will blow it up and get good images," said Tim Miller, of Texas Equusearch. "Many times we can see tire tracks that are going some place."

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