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Bin Laden sons decry extra-judicial killing

Omar Osama bin Laden seen in Cairo, Egypt in this undated photo. AP

Several adult sons of Osama bin Laden have condemned the United States' killing of the al Qaeda leader, saying the assassination of an unarmed man violates international law and that bin Laden -- whatever his crimes -- should have been captured and given a fair trial.

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The sons, led by 30-year-old Omar bin Laden, provided the written statement to the New York Times. Omar bin Laden has renounced al Qaeda and frequently condemned acts of violence generally.

The statement cited the trials Saddam Hussein and Slobodan Milosevic as evidence that even genocidal leaders can and should receive justice through public trials where evidence is presented rather than unilateral killing.

The statement also decried the shooting of unarmed women and children in the military raid targeting bin Laden.

"The sons' statement called on the government of Pakistan to hand over to family members the three wives and a number of children now believed to be in Pakistani custody and asked for a United Nations investigation of the circumstances of their father's death," the Times reported.

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