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There's still time to get a great last-minute Cyber Week 2023 TV deal

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If you didn't snag the TV you had your eye on during Black Friday, good news: there's still time left for you to bring home a new display, just in time for the holidays. Even though it's true Cyber Week is coming to an end, don't fret. There are still plenty of deals and special offers available right now on TVs from from well-known brands like LG, Hisense, TCL (Roku), Samsung and Vizio.

One of our favorite deals that you can still shop right now is the the customer-favorite Samsung The Frame TV. This smart TV can double as a canvas-like display for your favorite art pieces as well as your main television. You can get the 65-inch version of this popular TV for just $1,449, which is $548 off its normal MSRP of $1,449. This is one of our readers' favorite TVs, and you'd do well to lock yours in before they fly off the digital shelves at this price. 

Still not sure which TV you should buy otherwise? Our team of expert consumer electronics shoppers continue to sift through all of the latest smart TVs deals, so keep reading for our picks for a brand new TV during Cyber Week. And don't forget, whatever you're shopping for today, we've got you covered with a curated collection of the best extended Cyber Week sales and deals you can take advantage of right now. 

Quick links to the best Cyber Week smart TV deals 

Here are the best smart TV deals you can get today.

Here are some TV accessory and streaming subscription deals still available after Black Friday and through Cyber Monday.

2022 Insignia 24" Class F20: $65 (46% off)

INSIGNIA 24-inch Class F20 Series TV

In a world where $65 will typically get you a replacement remote control for a TV, Amazon is offering the 2022 version of its 24-inch Insignia Class F20 TV for just $65 --  46% off it's usual $120 price. The TV offers an LED display with just 720p resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate, but it is powered using the Amazon FireTV OS. This means it's ready to stream content from all of the popular video streaming services and networks.

The TV also supports Apple AirPlay and accepts voice commands via Amazon Alexa. Three HDMI ports are built, so you can plug in a gaming console, soundbar and cable box. This 24-inch TV can be a perfect addition to a child's bedroom or kitchen. At this price, it's a real bargain.

2023 Insignia 50" Class F30: $240 (20% off)

INSIGNIA 50-inch Class F30 Series LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV

If you're looking for an inexpensive 4K resolution TV that will fit nicely into a bedroom, guest room or smaller size living room, check out the 2023 version of the Insignia 50-inch Class F30 TV. This LED TV comes with an Alexa voice remote and offers a screen capable of showcasing Ultra HD-level picture quality. 

This is a smart TV powered by the Amazon FireTV OS, so it's ready to stream all of your favorite content. And for sound, you get DTS Studio Sound support. This is an affordable TV with a decent collection of features. At 20% off, right now the TV represents a really sweet deal.

TCL 75" Q6 QLED 4K Smart TV (2023): $650 (28% off)

TCL 75-Inch Q6 QLED 4K Smart TV

During Amazon's Cyber Week sale, you can snag the 2023 version of this beautiful 75-inch QLED smart TV from TCL for 28% off. This brings the price down to $650. 

The TV offers support for Dolby Vision, HDR Pro+, HDR10 and HLG. You also get a Game Accelerator mode and AMD FreeSync support that'll boost the speed and image quality of your favorite games using a refresh rate up to 120Hz.

The TV is powered using the GoogleTV OS. so it's also ready to stream content from popular video streaming services. And for sound, you get DTS Virtual X and Dolby Atmos support. It comes with three HDMI ports and a voice remote.

LG 65" Class UQ7570 Series 4K smart TV: $447 (29% off)

LG 65-Inch Class UQ7570 Series 4K Smart TV

Check out this perfectly sized 65-inch LG TV which offers 4K resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. Right now, it's on sale from Amazon for 29% off, so you'll pay just $447. 

This popular LG TV model uses the company's a5 Gen 5 AI processor to provide a sharp and vibrant picture. You also get a Filmmaker mode that makes TV shows and movies look amazing, along with a Game Optimizer mode that enhances your video gaming experience.

And when you're not watching native 4K resolution content, this 2022 LG TV uses real-time AI-based upscaling to upgrade the picture to as close to 4K quality as possible. The TV is powered using WebOS 22 and gives you easy access to more than 300 free LG channels that offers a vast selection of TV shows, movies and other programming.

This holiday season, if you're seeking a 65-inch TV from a well known and respected brand -- either for yourself or to give as a gift -- but don't want to pay top dollar, here's a chance to save $183.

Hisense 65" Class R6 Series 4K Roku TV: $390 (39% off)

Hisense 65-Inch Class R6 Series 4K UHD Smart Roku TV

Our in-house TV experts at CBS Essentials are huge fans of the Hisense brand, since the company has a reputation for offering TVs with high-quality components and up-to-date technologies at a lower price than what the competition typically charges. And when one of the Hisense TVs go on sale, the value you get for your money is that much better.

For a limited time, you can get this 65-inch Hisense R6 Series TV for just $390, which is a savings of $253. In addition to accepting Alexa voice commands, you can expect a clear and vivid picture thanks to support for Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10. This is accompanied by sound that supports DTS Studio Sound. There's even a Game Mode that works really well with console-based video game systems.

This is an LED TV that offers 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate. However, when watching sports or high-action movies (or playing action-intensive video games), the TV's Motion Rate 120 image processor kicks it to present ultra-smooth on-screen action. The TV powered using the RokuTV OS, so in addition to giving you easy access to all of your favorite streaming networks, you get unlimited access to the Roku Channel -- a source for free TV shows and movies. At 39% off right now at Amazon, this is a great deal for a versatile 65-inch TV.

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series QLED: $380 and up


Amazon has a number of TV deals going on for Cyber Monday, but the best deals are on the company's own branded Amazon Fire TVs. 

The Amazon Fire TV Omni series is the most advanced 4K TV that Amazon makers, with a QLED screen, dynamic brightness, hand-free operation via Alexa. It has a more premium look than the less expensive Amazon Fire TV 4 Series.

Right now, all sizes of the Amazon Fire TV Omni Series are on sale. The 55-inch size, normally priced at $600, is $440 for Cyber Monday. Screen size range options are from 43 to 75 inches.

Samsung's mega-popular Frame smart TV is on sale


After reading our recent in-depth, hands-on review of Samsung's The Frame TV, you'll probably be as anxious to hang one of these smart TVs on your wall at home as we were. Over at Walmart you can find this TV on sale in a variety of sizes (32", 43", 50" and 85") at the best Cyber Monday price. The 65-inch version can be purchased right now for $1,449, which is $548 off.

This QLED TV is a fantastic-looking display that boasts beautiful color, with 100% color volume with Quantum Dot technology that keeps the TV awash with over a billion colors. It has nearly zero light reflection, no matter if you're watching during the day or at night.

But while the TV is excellent for enjoying your favorite shows, movies, sports or games on, where it truly excels is its versatility as a display piece that will enhance the decor in your home. This framed TV looks like a piece of art when not in use. It can display either famous works of art or your favorite digital images on its stunning, matte finish, non-glare display.

Samsung 55" Class TU690T Crystal UHD 4K smart TV: $300


This Samsung Class TU690T Crystal TV, which comes is the popular 55-inch display size, is currently on sale at Samsung for $330 on Cyber Monday. This TV can be a nice addition to your living room, bedroom or any other room in your home that would benefit from a 55-inch, 4K smart TV. This one offers a 60Hz refresh rate and runs using the Tizen operating system. 

You will see the blacks and whites continuously fine-tuned to provide enhanced contrast using Samsung's Direct Lit LED technology. Behind the screen are rows of LED bulbs that bring plenty of color and brightness to whatever shows, movies and sports you're watching.

Hisense 75" Class U6 Series Mini-LED ULED 4K smart TV: $648 ($100 off)


When if comes to smart TVs, if you have the space, bigger is typically better. And for most home theater setups, a 75-inch TV is an ideal size. If you head over to Walmart, you'll find this popular Hisense 4K Google smart TV on sale for $100 off. This means that for a limited time, during Walmart's Cyber Monday sale, you can get your hands on this mammoth TV for the minuscule price of just $648.

This is the current, 2023 model of the Class U6 Series TV. It offers full array local dimming, with support for HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision IQ. If you're watching TV shows or games, you can active the FilmMaker mode for an even better picture quality. Meanwhile, if you're a gamer, you'll love the TV's Game Mode Plus that does an impressive job minimizing input lag, screen jitter and frame tearing.

Samsung's 55" Terrace outdoor TV: $2,399 ($1,100 off)


Want to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and sporting events while you're kicking back on your porch or having friends over for a barbecue? That's where Samsung's "The Terrace" comes in. This is a weatherproof (IP55 rated), outdoor TV that's designed to be mounted and enjoyed in the great outdoors.

That's right, you can be outside working on your tan while hearing the bird chirping and the crowds from your favorite sports team cheering, all at the same time. The Terrace is a QLED 4K resolution TV with a 60Hz refresh rate. It's powered using Samsung's Tizen OS, so it's ready to stream from any of the services you subscribe to.

Keep in mind, this TV can be exposed to ambient or non-direct sunlight, but direct sunlight must be avoided. That said, when it's in a shaded area, the TV's maximum brightness of 2,000+ nits makes the picture easy to see with very little (if any) glare.

Samsung 75" Class CU7000B 4K smart TV: $668 ($80 off)


Upgrade your TV room into a home theater, complete with a 75-inch, 4K UHD (2160p) smart TV. The screen has a 60Hz refresh rate and it's ready to stream content from any of the services you subscribe to.

For a very limited time, Walmart has slashed the price of this mega-size TV to just $668 -- that's a savings of $80. Among many other features, this TV offers excellent AI-based upscaling, so when you're watching non-4K native content, the TV will do a nice job upgrading it to near 4K quality.

Hisense UHD R6 58" Class 4K smart TV: $268 ($30 off)


We're huge fans of Hisense TVs. That's why they keep showing up in our roundups of the best 55-inch65-inch and 75-inch smart TVs. If a 55-inch TV is too small for your living space, but 65 inches is just too big, Hisense offers this 4K resolution 58-inch LED TV that's on sale at Walmart for just $268.

This smart TV is powered using the RokuTV OS, so its ready to connect and stream content from all of the popular streaming services and networks that you subscribe to. The TV has a 60Hz refresh rate, can be controlled using voice commands and supports DTS Studio Sound. For picture quality, this TV supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. 

Sony 85" Class Bravia XR X93L mini LED 4K smart TV: $3,299 ($1,200 off)


This 2023 version of the Sony Bravia XR X93L 4K smart TV offers a bigger-than-big screen size -- a whopping 85 inches. It's also packed with tech that makes Sony a leader in high-end TVs. But just because this TV is big doesn't mean the price needs to be. Walmart has slashed the price of this normally $4,500 TV down to just $3,299.

This TV runs using the GoogleTV OS. The 4K UHD mini-LED display has a 120Hz refresh rate and uses Sony's proprietary Cognitive Processor XR to deliver a picture with wide dynamic contrast, detailed blacks, natural colors and high peak brightness. In other words, it nicely replicates how we see the real world. 

If you're looking for a name brand TV that's big in size and bigger on features and picture quality, we recommend the Sony Bravia XR X93L, especially now that it's on sale.

LG 65" Class UHD OLED smart TV: $1,597 ($902 off)


Walmart has pulled out all the stops with its sales on popular TVs for Cyber Monday. This LG 65-inch smart TV with a 4K OLED display and a 120Hz refresh rate is on sale right now for $902 off. This means you can purchase this beautiful TV for just $1,597. A 65-inch screen is the ideal size for an average living room or bedroom.

Because this is an OLED display, it showcases bright and detailed colors with excellent contrast. This includes displaying bright whites, deep blacks and consistently accurate colors. The TV is powered by the a9 AI Processor Gen 6, which is make specifically for LG. It allows for ultra-realistic picture and sound, with plenty of brightness.

In addition to Dolby Atmos support for spatial audio, this LG 65-inch smart TV offers instant access to over 300+ free channels with LG Channels. The TV is also equipped with a Filmmaker Mode that makes any movies or TV shows you're watching look even more authentic and realistic. And thanks to the LG Game Dashboard and Game Optimizer mode, this TV is ideally suited for gaming too (with G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium support.) Walmart is offering this souped up and high-end TV at a mid-range TV price, so take advantage of this deal while you can.

Vizio 50" Class V-Series 4K smart TV: $248 ($71 off)


An affordable 50-inch 4K TV can make the perfect addition to a child's bedroom, kitchen or other small room in your home. At the moment, this Vizio 4K UHD LED smart TV has been discounted by $71 at Walmart, so you can purchase it for just $249.

While it relies on a 60Hz (not 120Hz) refresh rate, the screen can showcase content in 4K resolution and nicely handle high-speed action (such as live sports or action movies). Dolby Vision and HDR10 allow the TV to display bright, detailed and accurate colors using more than eight million individual pixels. 

The TV includes a voice remote and supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, which allows for immersive and clear audio. At its $249 sale price, this TV represents a really good value.

Hisense 65" Class U7 Series smart TV: $700 (33% off)


A 65-inch smart TV with a 4K resolution mini-LED (QLED) display with a 144Hz refresh rate, a maximum brightness of 1,0000 nits and full array local dimming is ideal for an average size living room, bedroom, guest room, or dorm room. If you act fast, you can snag this 2023 version of the Hisense 65-inch Class U7 smart TV for $700, which represents a whopping $350 savings off the TV's regular price of $1,050.

Thanks to this TV's advanced configuration, it's ideal for watching high-action Hollywood blockbusters and sports, or for gaming. The mini-LED technology allows the TV to boost the color, contrast and brightness of whatever you're watching, while it uses full array local dimming to ensure the entire screen showcases the appropriate colors and brightness using more than one billion colors. 

The 144Hz refresh rate and 16:9 aspect ratio make action look buttery smooth and crystal clear, while Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos provide the best looking picture and most immersive sound possible. The Filmmaker mode upgrades the picture quality even further when you're watching a movie or your favorite TV shows. The four HDMI ports make it easy to connect a cable box, soundbar, surround sound system and/or a console gaming system.

2023 TCL 55" Q7 QLED 4K smart TV: 30% off


Head over to Amazon to get $352 off this popular, 2023 edition of the TCL 55-inch Q7 QLED 4K smart TV. For a limited time, it's priced at a mere $698 for a TV that's packed with awesome features.

As you watch your favorite TV shows. movies, or sports, you'll enjoy an incredibly bright and detailed picture that's accompanied by immersive sound, thanks to the TV's Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support. You also get support for HDR10+, HDR10, HLG and IMAX Enhanced certification. 

The core 120Hz refresh rate makes action look smooth, but when you're gaming, the TV can boost its refresh rate up to an incredible 240Hz while displaying more than one billion colors. And while gaming, the TV supports AMD FreeSync Premium Pro.

Full array local dimming (with more than 200 local dimming zones) provide really rich contract that continuously adapts to the content being displayed. As a result, blacks look extra dark, whites appear extra bright and all colors are vivid and accurate. Because the TV runs using the Google TV OS, it can accept voice commands, or you can use the TV's remote control to quickly find whatever programming you want to watch.

Awol Vision LTV-2500 4K short throw projector: $2,399 ($600 off)


Instead of going with an extra-large screen to create an in-home theater, consider one of the latest short throw laser projectors. The Awol Vision LTV-2500 4K ultra short throw projector uses a triple laser to showcase a brilliantly detailed and vivid 4K resolution picture that's between 80 and 150 inches.

Because the projector offers a maximum brightness of 2,600 lumens, it can be used in a normally lit or dark viewing space and still display a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution picture that takes full advantage of Dolby Vision and HDR 10+. And for sound, the projector supports Dolby Atmos. It also works with active shutter 3D glasses to present 3D content using more than one billion colors.

Our in-house TV reviewers are big fans of the Awol Vision laser projectors, as they make it easy to create an immersive, in-house cinematic viewing experience, especially when you also connect a surround sound system to the projector. 

Right now, this laser projector is on sale during Cyber Monday for a whopping $600 off, bringing the price down to $2,399.

Sony 2023 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV: $598 (13% off)


During Amazon's Cyber Monday sale, take $100 off this 2023 edition of the Sony 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV X77L Series. For a limited time, you'll pay just $598 to enjoy a nicely equipped, Sony smart TV that runs using the GoogleTV OS.

This is an LED TV that offers a 60Hz refresh rate. Sony's 4K Processor X1 does an amazing job upscaling non-native 4K content to appear as close to 4K as possible. And it does this while displaying rich, bright and accurate colors. 

Meanwhile, if you're a Sony PS5 gamer, when you connect your game console to this TV, the Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode features will kick in to enhance the visuals in your favorite games.

65" Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90C: $1,700 ($1,100 off)


If you act fast, you can celebrate the holiday season this year by watching your favorite Christmas movies on a stunning Samsung 65-inch Neo QLED 4K smart TV that uses Quantum mini-LEDs and Neo Quantum HDR+ (with HDR 10+ support) to generate a detailed picture. It consistently showcases dark blacks, bright whites and accurate colors.

The TV also takes advantage of its neural quantum processor to handle real-time 4K upscaling. As a result, whatever non-4K content you're watching, AI is used to ensure you see it in as close to 4K as possible. In addition, you get an anti-glare screen, an ultra-wide viewing angle, Dolby Atmos sound support and Object Tracking Sound+ audio support. For a limited time, Samsung has cut the price of this TV by $1,100, so you'll pay just $1,700 for the popular 65-inch version.

Philips 43" Class 4K Ultra HD Google smart LED TV: $214 ($24 off)


Take advantage of this Cyber Monday deal over at Walmart to add a more compact 4K smart TV to a child's bedroom, kitchen or any smaller living space. In addition to supporting the GoogleTV OS that allows it to stream content from all of the popular streaming services your family subscribes to, the TV can be used for casual gaming with a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox that's connected via one of the TV's HDMI ports.

According to our expert game reviewers, younger Nintendo Switch gamers will love playing the No. 1 bestselling game "Super Mario Bros. Wonder" even more when their Switch is connected to a 4K TV. While you're shopping for a new TV on Amazon, you can easily pick up copies of this new game as a gift for the Nintendo gamers in your life, whatever their age. 

Thanks to the smaller and more compact size of this TV and it's display, it will easily fit in a child's bedroom and can easily be moved around as needed. This LED TV has a 60Hz refresh rate. It offers 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution with HDR10 support. Now priced at just $214, while it's not a cutting-edge TV, it certainly represents a great value.

Samsung 75-Inch Neo QLED 8K QN900C: $4,500 ($1,800 off)

Samsung 75-Inch Neo QLED 8K QN900C Samsung

It's true there's basically zero native 8K programming you can watch. However, this QLED television from Samsung is somewhat ahead of its time in that its integrated AI-upscaling automatically upgrades 4K resolution (or lower) content to near 8K quality. And it does a really impressive job doing this. Thus, you're able to see more detail than ever before when watching your favorite shows, movies or sporting events.

What distinguishes this 8K resolution TV from 4K models is its 7,680 by 4,320 pixel resolution, delivering 100% color volume through Samsung's Quantum Dot and Neo Quantum HDR 8K+ technology. You also get close to glare-free viewing, so no matter where someone is sitting within the room, they'll see a clear picture (even from an angle). 

Right now, you can get the smart TV for $1,800 off at Samsung, so you'll pay $4,500, which is a great price for a cutting-edge, 75-inch 8K resolution TV.

A TV soundbar also makes the perfect gift

All of the best smart 4K TVs offer an incredible picture quality. However, if you want to hear immersive sound that's as amazing as what you're seeing, we highly recommend connecting a soundbar or complete surround sound system to any TV. A TV soundbar easily connects to any smart TV, but it does not need to be a costly add-on. In fact, some of our favorite soundbars are priced under $200. 

The Roku Streambar Pro is just $173


We've selected the Roku Streambar Pro as our pick for best value TV soundbar because for the price ($172 on Amazon), you get truly high-quality audio without needing a subwoofer. However, Roku does offer an optional subwoofer and rear speakers you can add at any time to create a full surround sound system. 

There are two unique things about this Roku soundbar. First, it has integrated Roku streaming capabilities, so you get easy access to Roku's smart TV functionality that allows you to access all of the popular streaming services (including the free Roku Channel) even if the TV the soundbar is connected to is not a smart TV. 

Also, the included voice remote allows you to control your TV and the soundbar. Plus, if you want a private viewing/listening experience, it's possible to connect wired headphones directly to the remote. Or, if you want to circumvent using the Roku remote, the Roku app can be used to control the soundbar wirelessly from your smartphone. The biggest reason to add the Roku Streambar Pro to your TV is for its sound quality. It's comparable to what you get from soundbars costing three to four times as much and that are more difficult to set up and then use. 

If you're shopping for a gift for someone who loves to watch TV, but hasn't yet added a soundbar to their TV, the Roku Streambar Pro makes a great gift (as well as a wonderful addition to your own TVs).

Check out this complete surround sound system from Samsung


Samsung has done a really nice job over the past few years creating an impressive lineup of televisions and soundbars that can make creating an immersive home theater setup rather easy. The Q-Series Q910C is a 9.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos soundbar that comes bundled with a wireless subwoofer, two satellite speakers and a remote. While it can seamlessly be used with a Samsung TV, allowing users to enjoy Samsung's Q-Symphony sound, this sound system will work with any TV, from any manufacturer, that has Bluetooth capabilities or an HDMI or Optical Audio port.

As you'd expect from a higher-end TV surround sound system with a soundbar as its centerpiece, the Q910C is able to generate room-filling sound that self calibrates to the room it's in using a feature Samsung calls SpaceFit SoundPro. Combine this with Dolby Atmos support that generates incredibly clear and lifelike sound and you'll be drawn into whatever you're watching. To reduce cable clutter, the Q910C can function almost entirely wirelessly. Yes, there's a power cord, but the connection between the TV, soundbar and satellite speakers can all be handled wirelessly. 

And speaking of wireless, if you're an Apple user, it's possible to stream audio content from your Mac, iPhone or iPad using AirPlay. And for gamers, the Q910C supports Samsung's Game Mode Pro and generates 3D sound in conjunction with many of your favorite games. Another nice feature is called Active Voice Amplifier (AVA), which does a nice job making all dialogue sound extra clear, even when music and sound effects are also playing. We chose the Q910C as our top pick because it's a fairly priced, complete surround sound system that's centered around a soundbar. It generates high-quality, clear and authentic sounding audio.

The new Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar simulates surround sound


The new Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar is the company's newest soundbar. It works with just about any TV. Using artificial intelligence and Dolby Atmos, it's able to virtually replicate surround sound, without needing a separate subwoofer and rear speakers. (Although these can be added to generate authentic surround sound.)

This soundbar also offers a special dialogue mode, so if someone has trouble hearing the voices in a TV show or movie when there's also music and sound effects playing, this feature enhances the dialog in a way that makes it much clearer, so it's easier to hear and understand. 

The Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar connects to a TV via an HDMI or optical audio cable. While the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar might look like every other soundbar from the outside, this one has proprietary Bose technology on the inside that will immediately and dramatically enhance someone's TV viewing experience, regardless of what they're watching.

During Amazon and Walmart's Cyber Monday sale, this popular soundbar is $100 off. That's an 11% savings off its usual $899 price.

Looking for even more extended Cyber Monday deals? Fashion, beautysports fan gearfitness equipmentfurniture, appliances, mattresses, toys – no matter the category, we have your holiday shopping needs covered. Plus, we're sharing ways to help you make your dollar work harder during Cyber Week and beyond.

What size TV should I buy?

Samsung's recommended viewing distance for 55-inch TVs is 5.5 feet. If you sit further from the television than that, you may want to size up. The recommended viewing distance for 65-inch TVs is 6.5 feet, while the viewing distance for 75-inch TVs is 7.5 feet.

What's the difference between 4K and 8K TVs?

What sets 4K apart from 8K? Resolution - it's that simple. 4K clocks in at 3840x2160 pixels while 8K cranks it up to a mighty 7680x4320. That's four times as many tiny picture-makers on 8K TV screens.

More pixels mean sharper definition, richer hues, and images that really pop off the display. Depth and contrast take it to a whole new level too. It's a viewing experience like no other.

What TVs are best for watching sports?

A great TV transforms any game day into a stadium experience, right from your couch. But to catch every play without missing a beat, you need premium picture that puts you in the heart of the action.

Whether OLED or QLED, both can deliver some great-looking games in stunning fashion. However, OLED packs an extra punch favored by die-hards with individually lit pixels for vivid colors that truly pop off the screen. Black levels draw you in while highlights remain sharp and easy to see.

High resolutions like 4K or 8K only supplement your viewing pleasure further. Immersive big-screen views make following along a total thrill, thanks to every fine detail rendered with absolute clarity.

When you can't always score actual seats, the best TVs on the market can just bring the field to you. And sometimes, it's probably the cheapest thing to do. Front-row access at a stadium can definitely be a pretty penny.

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