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Axl Rose gives first sit-down TV interview in 20 years

Axl Rose gave his first sit-down TV broadcast interview in more than 20 years with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday. During the chat, the rocker talked about everything from music and politics to his Halloween tree.

Kimmel, for one, was impressed that Rose actually showed up on time, and continued to joke about Rose's tendency to be late throughout the 12-minute interview.

Rose's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" visit coincides with Guns N' Roses' 12-night residency at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, which begins on Halloween and wraps on Nov. 24.

"We'll probably go on at the time we're supposed to," said Rose, who notoriously starts concerts late. "As soon as I find out what that time is, or as soon as it's negotiated."

He joked that it will be a "challenge" to "stay out of trouble" in Vegas during the "Appetite for Democracy" run.

One of the funnier moments came when Kimmel held up a framed photo of Rose's "Halloween tree."

"It's one of the most evil things I've ever done," Axl told Kimmel. "We have these Halloween parties, and I decided, let's have a Halloween tree. So we did the tree and put out presents, families come with their little kids, and the little kids stand there and I go, 'Oh, you don't have a Halloween tree?' and they go, 'Nooooo,' and I'd give them a present. And then their parents would call me for about three months, 'You son of a...'"

The 50-year-old rocker talked music with Kimmel, noting that he's huge fan of Queen and Elton John and songwriter Bernie Taupin.

Rose also fielded some Twitter questions. When asked who he's going to vote for in the upcoming presidential election, Rose said, "I haven't really voted. I'm in California and it usually leans Democratic, and that's usually where I'm leaning anyway...but I would lean Democratic. I would lean Obama."

Watch part of the interview below: