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Ask The White House Booth

Got a question about the Bush presidency? Who's up, who's down in the West Wing? What's the angle on the strategy behind the spin? What happens to reporters when the president goes on the road? What was on the menu at the last state dinner? What is it like working at the White House?

Our White House team wants your questions. From their cramped and windowless office space in the White House, veteran CBS News Correspondents John Roberts, Bill Plante, Mark Knoller and Peter Maer have a unique view into the presidency.

They're standing by to give you an inside peek at life in the White House. We'll post your questions - civil ones only, with the correspondents' answers. We'll correct grammar and spelling mistakes and retain the right to edit for space limitations. We prefer that your inquiries be be signed with a name and location.

E-mail them at Ask The White House Booth.