Art For The Dog Days of Summer

Children chant slogans outside their school against the Honduran interim government as supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya march in Tegucigalpa, Tuesday, July 21, 2009. Honduras' interim government Tuesday ordered Venezuelan diplomats to leave the country as the international community threatened new sanctions against the country. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)
AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
In Boston, CBS Sunday Morning discovered, the Museum of Fine Arts is going to the dogs.

No, man's best friend still isn't allowed to walk through the galleries, but dogs are being welcomed outside to highlight the exhibits inside.

Jeff Koon's 2,200-pound, 10-foot-high bright blue steel "Balloon Dog" is the centerpiece of an exhibition called "Four Decades of Art: From Jasper Johns to Jeff Koons". The exhibit includes works by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, photographer Cindy Sherman, and sculptor Robert Therrien, who lets visitors enjoy a "dog's view" of a dining room table.

"There's something about the size of the statement in this collection — full of confidence, very bold expressions," said museum director Malcolm Rogers.

Rogers awarded prizes for visiting canines. Categories were largest dog, smallest dog, best trick and the owner who most resembles his/her dog.

In the Dog Days of Summer, the Musem of Fine Arts, Boston, is showing its lighter side.

"Just for a bit of fun, you know," said Rogers. "The museum can let its hair down occasionally."