Are people with unibrows discriminated against?

(CBS News) It seems apropos that we follow-up our favorite electrical engineer here at The Feedwho just demonstrated how to (never!) change a light bulb (and has coincidentally performed a "dance" involving this subject), with our favorite "spaceship engineer" pondering if there might be a bias against certain people. I am, of course, speaking about individuals blessed or cursed with (drum roll, please!): a unibrow! Find out in the social experiment above.

Ooh, shame on you, society! If the unibrow is plucked, does it not bleed? (I suppose it also possibly stops being a unibrow in that case, too). The very "hairy" question was both posed and posted by Mark Roberwho has been featured previously on The Feed for a variety of innovative inventions (and on our sister section Sci/Tech for his involvement in the Mars rover Curiosity), and who manages to raise our cultural awareness of this societal flaw with both humor and grace. 

Perhaps it's time to look deep into yourself and ponder if you might discriminate against unibrows, too? Just some food for thought. And to check out more wild and wacky experiments and inventions from Mark Rober, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.