Quick lesson on how to (never) change a light bulb

(CBS News) Our favorite electrical engineer, Mehdi Sadaghdar, is back with another (painfully!) informative science video. The last time we checked in on him he was demonstrating the differences between the two major types of electrical currents, alternating (AC) and direct (DC). And things took a turn for the worse. This time he's going to focus on something much more simple and safe: changing a light bulb. What could possibly go wrong? Spoiler: everything!

Mehdi once again puts himself on the path of pain so we can all gain an educational benefit from his misfortune. So what did we learn today? Let's see: unscrew lamps gently, turn off the power before changing, don't buy cheap light bulbs, make sure the voltage matches and be very glad you're not Mehdi Sadaghdar. (Just kidding there, Mehdi!). Another excellent and informative video that has earned a round of applause from us here at The Feed! And for more (painful!) science lessons from Mehdi Sadaghdarbe sure to check out our previous posts by clicking here or go to his YouTube page by clicking here.