An X-cellent Auction

On the X-Files he plays Cancer Man, or Cigarette Smoking Man, the evil nemesis of FBI agent Fox Mulder. But Tuesday, actor William B. Davis played another role, helping launch an Internet auction to raise money for cancer research.

Davis is a reformed smoker who campaigns to get others to stop and had a brother who died of lung cancer.

He got his co-stars, including David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, to sign X-Files memorabilia for the Cure Is Out There Auction.

There are 10 items up for grabs through on-line auctioneer e-Bay over the next 20 days.

They include a limited edition X-Files comic book, a set of signed collector cards, a signed photo of Duchovny and an autographed script.

What those cigarettes Davis smokes on the show you ask? They're herbal, and Davis says he hardly inhales.