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Ali Larter on why upcoming show "Pitch" is important for women

Ali Larter got her big break as Darcy Sears in the 1990s teen movie "Varsity Blues," but the actress has proved her staying power in iconic movies and TV shows since then, ranging from "Legally Blonde" to the TV series "Heroes" to the "Resident Evil" film franchise.

Larter's latest role is as a sports agent in the upcoming TV show "Pitch." Larter talked to CBS News about her new gig, family life and how she's doing her part to make sure women are represented in action roles in Hollywood.

"Pitch," which premieres on Fox in September, is about the first female Major League Baseball pitcher.

"It's 'Jerry Maguire' meets 'The West Wing' in its writing, which means a lot of walk-and-talks and a lot of long monologues," explains Larter. "This script came along and I just thought it was really inspiring. It's about the first female Major League Baseball pitcher and it's like -- it doesn't matter your race, your sexual orientation. You should be able to do whatever you want in this world."

Larter says having a daughter, who she welcomed last year, made it even more important to take on the role.

"It's just a message I strongly believe in," she says. "Having a daughter now -- it just seemed really special."

The actress is no stranger to male-dominated genres and says she feels lucky to get cast in action movies and TV shows.

"To be able to do the same stunts as the guys and to be able to have the kind of power and that kind of ability to lead others is really incredible," she says.

This year, Larter is excited to be part of a TV show that features two strong female characters.

"We say [she's] 'the Jerry Maguire Sports agent,'" Larter says of her character. "She's kind of the image-maker ... It's about two women battling this male-dominated field and how you navigate that with humor, your sexuality, your humbleness -- whatever you have to do to live up to your full capability."

Larter is certainly living up to her full capability, even taking her children with her on the set of her upcoming movie "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" in Cape Town, South Africa.

"We're these girls fighting the end of the world and killing zombies," she says of herself and co-star Milla Jovovich, "And we break for lunch and you see us with our toddlers and babies nursing -- it's what a working mom is now. You just make it work."

Larter admits she may be "too hands-on" as a mom, but says she feels incredibly lucky to bring her kids to work when she needs to so she can spend as much time with them as possible. The actress says one of her favorite activities to do with her children is cook with them.

Larter, who is a spokesperson for Lysol, said she uses Lysol wipes to kill germs and bacteria and keep the kitchen clean when she's cooking her signature dishes: meatballs, lemon cake and sugar snap pea salads. The actress also has a cookbook called "Kitchen Revelry": "When I'm not on set, that's really what I'm doing," she says.

The actress adds, "You can be strong, but you don't have to hide your femininity."

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