Adorable video shows what happens when you say "Yes to Love"

(CBS News) You know how the story goes. Boy goes off to fight in WWII, comes home, meets the love of his life and asks her to marry him. Boy and girl have 10 kids. The kids get married and have kids of their own, one of whom posts a proposal video on YouTube that goes viral and gets over 18 million hits. Move over, "The Notebook," we've got a new timeless romance.

Last May, adorable couple Isaac and Amy won our hearts with abrilliant marriage proposalthat enlisted the help of what looked like an entire army of family and friends for a choreographed musical number. Now they're back with a video celebrating the rest of their family and letting us know what happens when you say "yes" to love. Spoiler alert: a lot of happy kids. And yes, everyone involved is still delightful. Okay, I've run out of synonyms for cute, so just watch already!

I hope you saved your box of tissues from last year's video.