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Aaron Paul and Jesse Plemons talk "Breaking Bad" sequel film, "El Camino"

Aaron Paul and Jesse Plemons talk "El Camino"
Aaron Paul and Jesse Plemons talk "Breaking Bad" sequel film, "El Camino" 06:06

Characters from the hit series "Breaking Bad" are back in the sequel film, "El Camino." Netflix says more than 25 million households watched the film in the first seven days of its release.

"Breaking Bad," a series that told the story of chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-kingpin Walter White and his partner, Jesse Pinkman, ended in 2013. The sequel movie uses flashbacks to reveal what happened at the end of the series while Pinkman was in captivity.

Three-time Emmy Award-winning actor Aaron Paul, who reprised his role as Pinkman, said he thought "Breaking Bad" had "a perfect ending." But he trusted the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, to lead the way for "El Camino." "If he wants to tell a story, there's a reason for that," Paul said.

Actor Jesse Plemons plays Todd, one of the ruthless killers who took Pinkman captive. He said due to secrecy surrounding the production, he had a "stock answer" for when people asked if he was part of the movie: "No, I wish."

Paul said shooting the film was like "revisiting an old friend," and without much rehearsal for him.

"I just read the script as many times as possible. I just knew the story, and I knew my lines. I kind of approached it like a play, in a way. I just knew the script. And then I just kind of showed up on the day and hoped for the best," Paul said.

You can stream the "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie" now on Netflix. 

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