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Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul tease potential "Breaking Bad" reunion

Creating Walter White
Creating Walter White 01:14

"Breaking Bad" actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who portrayed characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman respectively, sent out cryptic tweets and Instagram posts Wednesday, and fans have no idea what they mean. The co-stars and partners in crime both shared the same photo of two donkeys along with a single word: "Soon."

Eager fans quickly began speculating what the image could mean. A "Breaking Bad" reunion — featuring drug mules?

A feature-length "Breaking Bad" flick is in the works, though few details are known about its plot or characters. However, the film is supposedly a sequel, meaning it takes place after — very old spoiler alert — White dies in the AMC's show's finale.

Speaking in a radio interview in November, Cranston said he would "absolutely" reprise his role as White in a potential movie.

However, the mysterious posts have led fans to believe that both Pinkman and White will be returning for the film, and it's apparently coming soon.

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