2018: What's next for Russia and the U.K.?

"Sunday Morning" begins the New Year with a look ahead based on events of the year gone by, reported by CBS News correspondents from around the world, including correspondent Elizabeth Palmer, reporting from Moscow:

In the Russian capital there is an art exhibit called "Super Putin." Some might see it as a tribute to Russia's President; most will see it as biting satire.

But tongue-in-cheek or not, the show makes the point that Putin is a Colossus, and not just here in Russia. All year he's been a powerful player on the world stage as well.

The Moscow art exhibit "Super Putin." CBS News

And as commander-in-chief of a newly-equipped and -trained military, he will continue to be in 2018. He is facing a presidential election in March, but it's a pretty safe bet that Russia's favorite action man will win.

Top of Putin's to-do list in the New Year: Maintain the charm offensive to convince President Trump to lift the sanctions hammering Russia's economy, while hoping Robert Mueller's investigation into Russia's ties to the U.S. election doesn't derail his plan.

Meanwhile, Britain's prime minister has a plan, too, to deliver the "Brexit" that her people voted for.

Theresa May is struggling to negotiate Britain's exit from the European Union. People may have voted for it, but not for the endless Eurocratic wrangling, or the $50 billion price tag.

Then there's the tricky matter of President Trump. A year ago, when Theresa May walked hand-in-hand with him at the White House, Britons wondered whether a high-profile Presidential visit, like the one the Obamas enjoyed, was in the offing.

But, no. The risk of embarrassing backlash is just too high.

However, a low-key working visit early in the New Year is on the agenda, to open America's new billion-dollar Embassy in London.

One celebrity American visitor who will be welcomed to the U.K. in 2018 -- ecstatically, and for good -- is Meghan Markle from California. She and Prince Harry, the Queen's grandson, announced their engagement a few weeks ago.

The couple broke the ice with the in-laws over Christmas. And now, their wedding has been set for the 19th of May.

A trans-Atlantic love story to take everyone's mind off Brexit.

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