2011 year in review: technology

LulzSec logo over computer chip circuit
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Remember how you felt when theiPad 2 was released in March? How about the frustration you felt when Egypt shut down the Internetto deter protesters? Many of us will never forget the emotions that stirred upon learning ofSteve Jobs' death.

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It was a passionate and emotional year for technology. We kicked off 2011 witnessing social media used as an essential tool in the organizing and documenting of theArab Spring.

Americans watched as a single tweet took down the political career of one of Washington D.C.'s rising stars. Our hearts broke when iconoclastic visionary Steve Jobs lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. As a result of a hacking scandal, we said good-byeto a newspaper after 168 years in print.

One of the defining themes of 2011 was people. Technological advances wowed us, but it was the citizens of the world who moved us. From hackersto protesters, humanity took hold of these technologies and shook our collective realities this year.

After much deliberation, we selected the stories that we thought best defined the 2011year in technology.

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