Best Internet Memes of 2011


(CBS) - The popular website Know Your Meme collected their 10 favorite Internet memes of 2011.

If you're wondering what a meme is, it's an idea that spreads rapidly through the Internet. Memes tend to be videos, pictures or phrases that catch on and become part of popular culture.

Know Your Meme mentioned some of the funniest of the year, like taxidermist Chuck Testa's viral commercial or like "first-world problems," where modern-day annoyances are portrayed as serious grievances.

These are all great, but they left out one of my faves, feminist Ryan Gosling, where photos of the actor were captioned with feminist ideas. Another one that I loved was "horsemaning," where people posed in photos that made them look like they were decapitated.

Either way, it was a great year of memes. Can't wait to see what 2012 brings.