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WCCO Viewers Help 'Cupid' The Dog Get Needed Surgery

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A rescued puppy is able to spread the love he's received thanks to WCCO's viewers. On Saturday night, we introduced you to a 3-month-old hound named Cupid.

The rescue group Ruff Start took him in, knowing he'd need surgery to fix his deformed front paws. Azure Davis, the rescue group's founder, couldn't turn him away and neither could anyone who saw his story.

"It's just crazy to see how generous people are. We are so thankful," she said. "As soon as the story aired, $5,000 to $6,000 came in with 48 hours."

Ruff Start Rescue was hoping to raise $6,000 to cover Cupid's surgery and therapy costs. University of Minnesota veterinarians will perform surgery to correct his deformed front paws early next week. He'll have splints then undergo therapy.

As for the hundreds of adoption applications that poured in, Davis said it'll be at least two months until the rescue reaches back out to homes that may be a good fit.

Nearly $8,000 has been donated to Cupid's therapy fund. Ruff Start is using the extra money collected to help other rescues that need medical attention.

"It's been great," Davis said, of receiving the financial support. "It makes us feel like we can take on dogs like this. That we can help the unfortunate dogs. We want to save them all, but taking them on can put them in a tough financial spot."

Among them, a 10-month-old Chihuahua named Little Waffles.

He's suffered seizures since they took him in last December. Medicine hasn't been successful and blood work suggests he suffers from an autoimmune disorder. Extra tests are needed, but are expensive.

Ruff Start Rescue finds homes for 160-180 dogs and 60-70 cats at any given time. Since it doesn't have a shelter, all of the pets live at foster homes until a permanent family finds them.

Oke is a pitbull who's been waiting for a home for the last two years. He's an energetic and loveable dog, but needs allergy shots, which can be an extra cost that makes it hard to find a home.

Davis said Oke would be best with a family that has older kids and no dogs or female dogs. He's big, strong and full of energy. Since they don't have a foster home for him, he's been living in a boarding house for the time being.

"We're hoping to get his story out there and find him someone. That perfect family we know has got to be out there, somewhere, looking for him too," Davis said.

Like the pets they save, big or small, Ruff Start Rescue knows donations at any amount are gifts filled with love.

"$10 here. $10 there. It adds up. Everything adds up," Davis said with a smile. "That makes us be able to save these little dogs that there's no way otherwise we could. So thank you."

Ruff Start Rescue is still accepting donations to help Cupid's medical fund.

For more information about donations or adoptions, visit the links below:
Cupid's Facebook Page
Cupid's Fundraising Page
Waffles Fundraising Page
Waffles Facebook Page
Waffles' Adoption Page
Oke's Adoption Page

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