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Study: Kids More Likely To Gain Weight During The Summer

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that some kids are more likely to gain weight in the summertime.

That's because they're getting less activity and eating more junk food. The CDC says fewer kids go outside to play during the warmer months.

During their time off from school, more kids would rather be in front of some sort of screen -- TV or smartphones or tablets.

Other reasons include a change in behavioral patterns, such as eating out of boredom, skipping meals and getting inconsistent sleep.

So here's how experts say you can help keep your kids from summer weight gain:

-- Make sure your child eats three meals on a consistent schedule.

-- Get rid of junk food and replace it with healthy alternatives, like fruit and yogurt.

-- Try to limit your child's screen-time to two hours per day.

-- Parents can harness their child's love for technology to encourage them to become more active, by spending time with them on websites like Kidnetic, which offers daily fitness challenges.

-- And parents shouldn't force their children get outdoors. Instead it's best to ask what he or she would like to do and help them find the activity they enjoy most, whether it's swimming or biking or simply going for a family walk after dinner.

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