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Study: Drinking Lots Of Milk Might Not Be Good For You

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- We've long heard that drinking milk can help our bones and overall health. But a new study out Thursday morning says drinking lots of milk could actually be bad for you.

This new study done by researchers in Sweden found that drinking large amounts of milk -- three or more glasses a day -- did not protect men or women from bone fractures.

In fact, the study found the heavy milk drinkers also had an overall higher risk of death. The reason behind this was because of the sugar found in milk.

However, there is a bit of hope for dairy lovers. High intakes of fermented milk products, like cheese and yogurt, were found to lower the risk of bone fracture and death.

Researchers did urge caution about the results, saying people shouldn't change their diet based on these findings, and more studies need to be done.

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