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St. Thomas Grads Kick Soccer Ball Across Minn.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Soccer is gaining popularity throughout Minnesota and the country. Now some local guys are kicking a soccer ball across the state to promote the sport.

Two weeks ago, Alex Daley and Matt Scott started dribbling a soccer ball from the Canadian border in International Falls and began to travel south.

Together, Daley and Smith created the organization Soccer for Social Change. Along with promoting soccer, the guys want to raise awareness about transforming urban areas into green space for soccer fields.

Saturday night, the University of St. Thomas graduates made it to the Twin Cities, appearing at the Minnesota United soccer game at the Metrodome.

They said their journey thus far has been "interesting," to say the least.

"Most of the time that we've been on the road so far has been up north. We've all had plenty of ticks, mosquitoes. Had a couple dogs chase after us. The traffic can be dangerous," Daley said.

Their journey will end when they reach the border of Iowa.

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