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'It Is A Big Investment But So Worth It': Anissa Keyes Revitalizing Historic Building In North Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Twin Cities woman has a plan to get more people to come spend time in north Minneapolis. She's revitalizing a neighborhood from the inside out.

On 42nd and Lyndale, the historic Camden Park State Bank building is a shell of what it once was, but not for long. Soon the old building will have new life. It's all thanks to a woman who opened up her wallet, and her heart.

Anissa Keyes is the new owner of the historic Camden Park State Bank building.

"It is a big investment, but so worth it," she said.

Camden Park State Bank Building
(credit: CBS)

Keyes was born and raised in north Minneapolis. She's opened Arubah, a mental health practice. Her business has thrived, and now she wants her neighborhood to as well.

She's investing $2 million into this historic building.

"This is gonna bring opportunities that small businesses, especially BIPOC businesses, would not have had," she said. "We are getting new leases from people who probably would not have been able to obtain space."

She's already booked an attorney, more mental health services, music, hair braiding, and a new vegan restaurant. Additionally, she's redoing a large community ballroom and re-imagining what can be.

"We don't just change the outside, we don't just renovate but the people in this space will have ownership, they will have investment and the outsiders will be able to see north Minneapolis differently as well, that's the hope, right?," she said.

Keyes says it's all in motion.

"Yes, big things are happening, absolutely," she said.

Keyes plans to have a large grand opening for the building in June or July.

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