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'Moving Forward Is Making The Future Visible': Envisioning Your Goals For The New Year

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The new year is a time for new perspectives. And once again, it was a year full of ups and downs, disappointments and the renewal of hope.

Jasna Burza, a Minnesota-based business and life coach, talks about how to process 2021.

"Ups and downs are forever part of us, so it's not something we can dismiss and say it never happened," Burza said. "The better question is 'how do we use the hardships, the good and the bad for the future?' Use it to improve ourselves, to improve our community and use it to service to the world."

Burza says what's key to moving forward is making the future visible now by making a collage of words and photos that represent our goals.

"Thousands of successful people we look up to use them simply because of one key ingredient and that is the intention and the energy behind it," Burza said. "I'm a fan of doing it as a family. Including the kids and telling them they are the creator of their own reality no matter what happens. When we focus on something we turn it into potentiality into actuality."

And after two years of life getting derailed, she says to stay the course.

"I believe you should dream away yet be strategic and be open to what life brings, so I am planning vacations for 2022. I am planning multiple businesses. I am starting a new business. I'm starting so many most wonderful things yet if they don't work out then that just means that it wasn't meant to happen," Burza said.

"We may be disappointed over ability to plan or inability to plan accordingly. I know that for myself and my own businesses, however we can approach it as it just is and we get a greater gift because it brings us into an ancient gift of mindfulness. There's beauty in surrender. Sometimes what we get is what we need and not what we want and maybe that is a gift," Burza said.

Burza says to remember to, "Keep dreaming!"

Burza says it's also a good idea to fill your home and workspace with sayings and photos that comfort and inspire you.

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