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Minneapolis Mayor Frey issues proclamation after City Council overrides veto of cease-fire resolution

Minneapolis Mayor Frey issues proclamation after City Council overrides veto of cease-fire resolutio
Minneapolis Mayor Frey issues proclamation after City Council overrides veto of cease-fire resolution 02:47

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis City Council on Thursday morning overrode Mayor Jacob Frey's veto of a resolution which called for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza, though Frey passed his own proclamation calling for a cease-fire shortly afterwards.

Frey, who is Jewish, said he supports a cease-fire, but has called the city council's resolution "one-sided," arguing that it includes the "context and history" of Palestinian people, but not Israelis. He vetoed the resolution six days after it was passed, though the council already had the nine required votes to override him. 

The council did so on Thursday morning, and then Frey passed his own proclamation supporting a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.

Frey's proclamation calls for an immediate cease-fire, release of all Israeli hostages taken by Hamas, release of Palestinians in Israel, the investment of government funds towards efforts to create reconciliation, and a two-state solution which recognizes the sovereignty of both Israeli and Palestinian states.

Frey said the proclamation "stands in stark contrast" with the city council's resolution, which he said "divides our city and alienates Jewish residents."

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The city council passed their resolution on Jan. 25 with a 9-3 vote, calling for an immediate cease-fire, an end to U.S. military funding to Israel, the release of all Israeli hostages by Hamas, and release of Palestinians held in Israeli military prison. 

It also referenced the "75-year displacement of Palestinians" in Gaza, the "humanitarian crisis" Palestinians are facing and the genocide case against Israel that South Africa brought before the International Court of Justice.

Frey gave a fervent speech before the council passed the motion, saying "many Jews are fearful" and "a one-sided Minneapolis resolution only raises that fear." None of his concerns were addressed in the final resolution that passed Thursday morning, Frey said.

While the resolution does not ensure any tangible action, it will be shared with Gov. Tim Walz and other Minnesota lawmakers, as well as President Joe Biden.

"We are proud of the 9 Council Members who stood by what most Minneapolis residents believe: the defense of humanity is a shared project," said Council President Elliott Payne in a statement. "When this Council speaks with the clarity of a veto-proof majority, we will do everything in our power as Council Leadership to defend the will of the body, regardless of the issue."

Payne added that he hopes the council will not be faced with a veto again this term.

Other cities across the U.S., including Detroit, Atlanta, and Seattle, have passed similar resolutions calling for a cease-fire.

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