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Man Hurt In Hit-And-Run Was Part Of Woman's 13-Minute Rampage

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Minneapolis man was recovering at Hennepin County Medical Center Sunday night after he was the victim of a hit-and-run on his bike on Friday morning.

Jacob Carrigan, 29 of Minneapolis, said he was shocked even more deeply when he learned what police said happened in the minutes leading up to the hit-and-run. Minneapolis police believe Carrigan was the third victim in a south Minneapolis daycare worker's crime spree early Friday morning.

Before Carrigan was hit, the suspect police identified as 42-year-old Natalia Karia of Minneapolis, tried to hang a 16-month-old boy she was caring for at her home daycare. Police said Karia fled in her minivan when another parent walked in and caught her.

That interaction started a 13-minute rampage that luckily ended with no deaths.

From his hospital room on Sunday evening, Carrigan told WCCO how thankful he is to be alive and why he does not hold any hate toward the person who almost took his life.

"I'm a guy who likes to be engaged in the community, likes to sing and dance and ride my bike," Carrigan said.

Carrigan was riding that bike to work Friday around 9 a.m. when he heard a car crash behind him near 28th Street East and Park Avenue South.

"It seemed like it was far away from me but the gold van kept driving and I thought, 'That's weird, maybe its brakes are out or something like that,'" Carrigan said.

Carrigan had no idea the person in the gold minivan was choosing not to stop.

"It seemed kind of in slow motion but really fast at the same time," Carrigan said.

Police said they believe Karia was the driver who hit Carrigan.

"I kept crawling, maybe crawled 50 feet," Carrigan said.

Carrigan made it out of the intersection with help from passersby. Carrigan's left leg now has a metal rod in it after he broke multiple bones.

An experience that would leave anyone angry got worse when Carrigan learned what police said happened before he was hit.

"I'm so grateful the 1-year-old was able to be noticed and saved in time," Carrigan said.

Minneapolis police said Uptown Daycare owner Karia hanged a 16-month-old boy she was caring for minutes before Carrigan ever saw her coming. When another parent came into the home along the 2700 block of Humboldt Avenue South and saved the child, police said Karia then took off in the gold minivan.

Police said Karia first hit a man who was standing outside his car and dragged him for blocks. Then, police believe Karia hit Carrigan on his bike and kept driving.

Minutes later, police said Karia attempted to jump from the Park Avenue bridge, but witnesses restrained her until police arrived.

"I can only imagine a lot of people responding to this out of fear and anger and I definitely feel that within myself, too," Carrigan said. "But, I'm also trying to find a balance and understanding."

Carrigan has compassion for the person who almost ended his life because he is inspired by the kindness of strangers who helped save each person in harm's way along the 13-minute path of destruction.

"I'm glad she was able to be stopped before she took her own life because I think we can learn something about the human experience from this whole moment," Carrigan said.

All of the victims are recovering at area hospitals. Carrigan expects to go home Monday.

Police said Karia was also taken to the hospital and will go to jail after.

Police have not released information on any possible motive.

A GoFundMe has been created to help Carrigan with his medical expenses. You can donate to it here.

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