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Man Allegedly Attacks Cop In Attempts To Steal Gun

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A St. Paul, Minn. police officer was allegedly attacked by a Hudson, Minn. man attempting to take the officer's gun.

Anthony Michael Nickson, 49 faces two counts each of terroristic threats and attempting to disarm a police officer, and one count of terroristic threats during a violent crime.

According to the criminal complaint, St. Paul Police Sergeant James Gray was working off-duty, but in full uniform, on Saturday at the Super America in the 200 block of Seventh Street East.

Roughly a half an hour after Gray started work, Nickson came to the Super America and asked Gray to take him to jail.

Police said Gray thought Nickson was joking and said he wouldn't be taking anyone to jail.

A woman then came in, yelling and throwing items and Nickson, prompting Nickson to once again ask Gray to take him to jail.

According to the criminal complaint, Nickson began looking at Gray's gun belt and saying that if Gray wasn't going to take him to jail he was going to take his gun.

After assessing the situation, Gray called for backup.

Soon after, Nickson lunged for Gray and the two began wrestling, with Nickson attempting to get a hand on Gray's gun.

Police said Gray was able to temporarily break free from Nickson to yell over radio for backup as Nickson was trying to steal his gun.

After the two began wrestling again, a female employee of Super America noticed Gray's radio had gotten away from him and also used it to yell that they needed more help.

Two police officers working in the area, Officers Reginek and Corcoran, arrived a short time later.

According to the criminal complaint, Nickson said he was going to take their guns as well.

Both officers put their guns away once they realized they were going to have to get physical with Nickson in order to detain him.

Police said that when Corcoran demanded Nickson get down to the ground, he didn't comply. Corcoran then hit Nickson with his metal flashlight to get him detained.

The three officers were then able to take Nickson to the ground, but were unable to get him in handcuffs.

Nickson was transported to Regions Hospital, unconscious.

He was later diagnosed with only minor abrasions and cuts.

No police officers were injured during the incident.


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