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Local Music Tap: 'France Camp' LP Release @ 7th Street Entry

There was once a time (Tuesday) when a web producer/local music blogger decided to preview an album release show for a local casual punk band -- and was blindsided by their truly remarkable (and beautifully, humorously confusing) responses to his questions. This is his (my) story.

On Friday night, Minneapolis-based France Camp – four young men of varying hair lengths -- is releasing its debut LP, "Purge",  at the 7th Street Entry. The 18-plus show starts at 7 p.m. and $6 will get you in. I'm fully expecting it to be an insane, kooky, nutty (and other synonyms for crazy) show. In a good way.

According to the band -- and I'll emphasize that-- the foursome joined forces after front man France Camp's old band, Nice Purse, disbanded. The other members include James Wolfeatens, Dylan Rosebringeth and Kyle Kimm. My, those are great last names. Not sure if they're real.

If you haven't heard them before, they've been described as casual punk at times. But what comes to my mind is something more along the lines of "angsty-surfer-old-time-pop-rock." Imagine a pissed off surfer screaming rock whilst hitting some gnarly waves ... in an echo chamber of sorts ... yes ... something like that.

So, anyways, I thought I'd ask them some questions about their band, the new album and the show. And here is their response. I cannot verify 90 percent of what is said. But it's entertaining nonetheless.


France Camp
(credit: Cody Hughes)

Howdy! So, how did y'all get together?

Howdy we get together? We all went to the same homeschool. One mom. One family. Four hungry boys. :)

(They are not brothers.)

How would you describe the band's sound and what are you striving for musically?

Ohhh, how do I describe the good ole boys sound? We really are a sound that eclipses sounds from Marty Kingston, Jennifer Smittt, the fire department, Titanic, Laurel Kraft and the Singles. These are the greats that inspire us. Most music from the 1700s.

(Not quite sure of really any of these besides Titanic, but I dig it.)

What type of messages/themes do you present in your songs?

That's a tough one. How do I put this ... We have written songs for many things, these themes include: ghoulfriends, plastic surgery, gettin' jipped, hard thymes, poisonous thoughts, CBS.

("Gettin' jipped" is my favorite. Well, that and CBS, of course.)

Tell me a little bit about the new album and what you wanted to accomplish with it!

Most people give up after 2 records. That didn't stop us from putting out 6 full ones. #purge by @francecamp lol haha wtf is our latest to hit the shelf. I would like to see my mom finally look at me without turning her head away immediately. I would like the respect I deserve from my family and friends if I can even call them that. I want people to get up and cheer when I walk through a room. I need a new jeep! I want to tear this bracelet off my ankle and just walk out my front door without getting tackled.

(If I could just place a guffawing emoticon here, I would)

Lastly, tell me about the show Friday! What should the audience expect?

How do you even prepare for a question like that ... literally there will be raffles, cake, Matt "The Dog" Linden from forged artifacts, insane surprise guests, sane surprise guests, 50/50 ratio guys and women (even split), PBR sponsored us, We have sponsors, smokebubbleslazers, cookies, this is all really gonna be there, CBS is gonna be there right? This is your chance to be on the news. Come to our show. It's 6 measly coins, 18 shrimp, all ages above 18.  

There you have it, folks. Six measly coins!  Other bands include Stereo Confession, Nancy's Raygun, Daisy Chains and DJ Tickle Torture.

Oh and listen to their single, Marisha, below! 

Local Music Tap is a blog aimed at promoting Minnesota-based musicians, bands, shows and events. If you have music blog ideas, please email or leave a comment below. Also, follow Cole on Twitter.


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