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With Gas Prices Approaching Record Highs, Save Money With These Apps

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The surge in gas prices is not slowing down. We're getting close to an all-time high for regular gas, but diesel is already there.

Minnesota's record average price was $4.72 set back in 2008. Thursday, it blew past that, landing at $4.77. The average price for regular gas is $3.95. A new AAA study found over half of Americans will make lifestyle changes if it hits $4.

Here are some tips that could help ease some of the pain at the pump.

Tip #1: You may think you know where the cheapest gas is. We all have our favorite spots, and some are members at Sam's Club or Costco -- but experts tell WCCO it's super important to check apps like GasBuddy to truly find the lowest price.

"Warehouse club stores like Costco have really good rates on their gas," said Consumer Finance Expert Andrea Woroch. "On average you're looking at saving maybe 30 cents per gallon, but it's not always the cheapest, and I was surprised when I used the GasBuddy app."

Woroch said she's saved an additional 20 cents a gallon on top of club store savings by using the GasBuddy app, which shows you real time prices near you.

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"That's also really helpful if you're going on a road trip or just traveling somewhere where you're unfamiliar with the area," said Woroch.

Tip #2: Tap into rewards programs at your local gas station or grocery store.

"Some grocery stores will partner with gas stations and allow you to redeem your loyalty points for money off at the pump," said Woroch. "Some of these partnerships can help you save up to 1.50 off a gallon."

Tip #3: Look at rebate apps like Trunow or GetUpside.

"You can use a rebate app like Fetch Rewards. You just take pictures of all your receipts, including your gas station receipts, and you'll get points which you can then redeem towards gift cards," said Woroch.

Our experts also says use cash at the pump. In some cases, swiping your credit card could add 10-15 cents per gallon. Check with your local station.


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