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Franken Interviews Minnesota Vet To Start Veterans History Project

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Efforts are underway to save the stories of American veterans through interviews, diaries or their letters to home.

And as part of that project, Sen. Al Franken interviewed a Minnesota veteran on Sunday. He had a camera set up to record his conversation with Trista Matacastillo, a veteran of the Navy, Marines and Minnesota Army National Guard.

Her thoughts may someday help someone in the future understand the issues facing female veterans in 2015.

"October is Veterans Voices Month in Minnesota. We're the first state to understand the stories of veterans and rumor has it there are a few other states working on it so we lead the way," Franken said.

On Monday, Sen. Franken's office will be joined by officials from the Library of Congress to train people for this Veterans History Project.


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