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Former Teacher In Duluth Becomes Election Year Instagram Sensation

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- If you want straight-laced and serious, Sharon McMahon's Instagram page SharonSaysSo may not be your thing. But you will learn a thing or two about our government from this former teacher and you'll even get a laugh while you're at it.

"I started in October and I started really in response to seeing a lot of misinformation that I was seeing floating on the internet," said McMahon.

The Duluth-based former teacher has become an overnight sensation on Instagram with a following that has ballooned to nearly 390,000 followers in just four months.

"The idea that somehow other people would be very interested in hearing me talk about the electoral college, I did not see that coming," said McMahon.

Her videos about government are humorous but her real schtick? No spin.

"That to me says a lot about the hunger for the information," said McMahon. "What I'm finding people are hungry for is nonpartisan education."

Her followers also have an appetite for helping others. So when she shared the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt, an organization that can wipe out $100 of medical debt for every dollar donated, her community showed up and shelled out.

"My community has donated $425,000 in 48 hours," said McMahon.

That will forgive $42 million of medical debt.

"Who knew the latent power of Instagram," said McMahon. "It can be used for negative things but it can also be used for incredible change and good."

McMahon said she's not interested in running for office but she does have a vision for a better society.

"Just a little bit more listening to understand and that we cannot work for each others mutual destruction," said McMahon.

McMahon is also teaching online webinars called Government for Grown-Ups. If you're interested in taking one of her classes, learn more here.

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