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Duluth Store Offers Sale On 'Anything Black' On MLK Day

DULUTH, Minn. (WCCO) -- A store in Duluth caused an uproar by having a special sale for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A sign at Global Village read "MLK Day sale, 25% off everything black."

The store also posted the sale on Facebook, drawing angry comments from across the country.

Global Village's owner says this is the fourth year they've had the sale, and they have never gotten this kind of reaction.

Critics called the sale disrespectful and in poor taste, but the store's owner apologized. She said they don't plan to hold this sale again next year.

"We did this out of admiration and celebration for somebody who did so much for the world, for black culture. Somebody we've admired grateful. It was done out of honor," store owner Rachel Mock said.

The owner did leave the original post about the sale up on the store's Facebook page. She wants people to read it and judge whether they were mocking or celebrating King.

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