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DeRusha Eats At Parka In Longfellow

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- When you run one of those top bakeries in town, one of the top coffee roasters, and one of the top restaurants, you'd think you'd have enough to do at your own business.

That's why it's interesting all those elements have teamed up to open a small spot in the Longfellow neighborhood -- Parka.

Take a couple shots of Dogwood Coffee espresso, a slice of Rustica's award-winning bread, and the flavor from the chef at Victory 44 and you've got Parka.

"We want to provide something more than a plate of hot food," Victory 44 Chef Erick Harcey said.

Erick Harcey is the chef, Greg Hoyt and Dan Anderson own Dogwood Coffee, and Steve Horton is the baking genius of Rustica.

"There's a complement and overlap in what we do that made a lot of sense to us," Steve Horton of Rustica.

Greg Hoyt explained a bit more.

"We're all craftsman of sorts, is how I look at it," he said.

Parka is their first restaurant together -- small in size, but big in ambition.

The new carrot tartare symbolizes what they're going for -- crispy quinoa, pickled mustard, a dollop of mascarpone cheese.

"It'll replicate texture of tartare, but it'll be carrots," Harcey said.

It's highly crafted food, coffee, and pastries in a casual neighborhood spot.

And Parka is just the first.

"There's room for more," Horton said." There's always room for more awesome food."

The kids menu was designed by Erick's children. The chalked parka-wearing family was created by a St. Paul artist.

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