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Businesses Smitten With Valentine's Day Rush

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- By now, there's a good chance you've sent your special someone flowers for Valentine's Day.

And you may have dinner plans waiting for you.

It's all part of the Valentine's Day rush for Twin Cities businesses.

Many began preparing for this day weeks in advance, and it's one of those holidays that brings in big business, according to Stephanie Hagen of Spruce Flowers and Home in south Minneapolis.

"Today is pretty chaotic. It's the Super Bowl for flower shops," Hagen said.

With her crew, Hagen worked late into the night to make sure they were ready for this morning.

Spruce Flowers is a full-service flower shop. But Friday, it's the deliveries that has their business love struck.

"Officially, 108 [deliveries] so far," she said. "So I'm sure we'll get more."

From last-minute flowers to last-minute gifts, Michelle Magnan at Patina says business is great.

"I'm thinking it will be pretty steady until after work time and maybe slower tonight when everyone's out on their dates," Magnan said.

Patina, a trendy Minneapolis gift store, sells chocolates, candy, jewelry and everything in-between. It's their third-biggest holiday, behind Mother's Day and Christmas.

And on Friday, they'll see far more men in their store than women.

"A lot of men, you know, I hate to say it, but they're last-minute shoppers catching stuff," she said.

Don Moschkau and Andrew Bussey are just two of those last-minute guys.

"I think generally I am not a last-minute shopper, but today I happen to be," Moschkau said.

Bussey didn't leave disappointed. He found something for his wife and kids. And his dinner reservations are already taken care of.

"I would say it was planned last-minute shopping. Looking for a last-minute opportunity all along," Bussey said. "We actually have a wedding. A friend's getting married, so ... love is in the air, I guess."

Restaurants begin seeing a rush in the late afternoon. There are 20 White Castles in the Twin Cities, and 19 of them do a Valentine's Day set-up with candles and tablecloths.

They're all booked Friday night, and some locations were already fully booked for weeks ago.


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