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Bow Hunting -- A Growing Sport In Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Minnesotans make that annual trip to the tree stand this weekend. The firearms deer hunting season kicks off on Saturday. But bow hunters have been searching for that prize buck since September.

Joe Caminati, of Average Joe's Archery, said he's seeing a lot more popularity when it comes to bow hunting.

"I think the main thing that's driving it is accessibility," he said. "Some of the movies that have come out recently, 'Hunger Games,' 'Brave' … has put it in front of a lot of kids and with that, the manufacturers have stepped up and made it more accessible."

Caminati said the equipment is becoming easier to use, as well, which helps younger hunters and families as a whole.

An added bonus for bow hunters – the season is much longer – three and a half months, versus nine days.

For those looking to get into the sport for the first time, Caminati said the first place to start is at your local pro shop.

"First of all, you need to go to a Pro Shop and get fitted for a bow that's appropriate for you," he said. "We see it a lot of times where people come in with a bow that doesn't fit them properly."

He said things like draw lengths, the amount of draw weight the bow can pull back and other aspects all go into the fitting. Once that's completed, it's time to practice – typically in the woods or at the range.

The type of bow to get depends on the user – all will serve similar functions, it's just a matter of traditional or more high-tech.

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