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Binge-Worthy Streaming Picks To Help You Maintain Social Distancing

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) --  In the midst of concern over COVID-19, health professionals have encouraged "social distancing." So whether you're feeling a little sick or if you are just taking appropriate precautions and staying home, we've put together a list of binge-able TV shows to help you get through that anticipated cabin fever.

Below are some of our team's top picks, in no specific order:

Star Trek: Picard

The new series follows the iconic character Jean-Luc Picard into the next chapter of his life. It's a sci-fi drama that is a must for Star Trek lovers. And when you're finished with that, you can always hop on over to Star Trek: Discovery.

You can watch this series on CBS All Access.

The Circus: Inside the Craziest Political Campaign on Earth

OK, this isn't exactly an "escape from reality" pick, but if you are spending time in your own company, you might just want to maintain that connection with the rest of society. This well-researched, comprehensive look back at the previous week's worth of political developments is one of the best political shows on air today.

You can watch this series on Showtime now.

The Outsider

All you crime junkies, this one's for you. The Outsider is based on Stephen King's best-selling novel and offers a supernatural twist to your typical murder mystery in a small town.

You can watch this series on HBONow.


If you haven't started watching this addictive drama featuring Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti, what are you waiting for? In light of all the rollercoaster twists and turns the world of finance is living through, this show might actually come as something like a comfort.

You can watch this series on Showtime.

The Good Fight

One of the biggest hits on CBS All Access is this continuation of The Good Wife, starring the always-captivating Christine Baranski. Now's the perfect time to get caught up in all the melodrama.

You can watch this series on CBS All Access.

New Girl

Okay, we know New Girl is not a new find, but it's one we find ourselves going back to time and time again. Its quick 20-minute episodes, filled with quirky characters will leave you laughing out loud.

You can watch this series on Netflix.

Twin Peaks: The Return

Admit it. You've been "getting around" to watching David Lynch's return to Twin Peaks for many months now. Now's the perfect time to take the plunge into the uncanny. And if you've already watched it once (and gotten through the entire series), odds are you're chomping at the bit for a chance to start again from the beginning.

You can watch this series on Showtime now.

The Great British Baking Show

Stressed out? Can't sleep? The Great-British Baking Show is the perfect thing to help you unwind. If you like to bake or just really enjoy watching delicious foods being prepared and critiqued than give this one a try.

You can watch this series on Netflix.

The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From A Mythical Man

A feel-good documentary that highlights the elusive comedian's spontaneous encounters with fans across the county.

You can watch this series on Netflix.


Haikyuu!! is a hilarious and heartwarming anime chronicling the Karasuno High School volleyball team as they climb to the top. It's fast-paced and at times ridiculous, but always emphasizes the importance of friendship and sportsmanship.

You can watch this on Hulu.

Schitt's Creek

Johnny Rose once bought a small town, Schitt's Creek, as a joke for his son's birthday. Years later, the once-wealthy Roses have declared bankruptcy, and the family moves to the town, which is their only remaining asset. The show chronicles the families' adjustment to their new lives in Schitt's Creek.

You can watch this series on Netflix.

Back With Your Ex

Disappointed after this season's The Bachelor? Look no further. This Australian reality-TV show focuses on three couples, who have decided to give their exes another chance. This show pairs perfectly with a glass of wine and asks the question of "what if?"

You can watch this series on Netflix.


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