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Best Pierogies In Minnesota

What is a pierogie? The pierogie or perogi (aka pirogi), as defined in Oxford Dictionaries, is a "a dough dumpling stuffed with a filling such as potato or cheese, typically served with onions or sour cream." Merriam-Webster has a similar definition but adds "pan frying" to the description. Meat, vegetables, eggs and fruit fillings also roll into the dough. The dumpling or stuffed fried bun has Slavic origins and many traditional and modern preparations. In major cities, pierogies are mostly found in neighborhoods that have residents from Central or Eastern Europe. But here are some dining places in Twin Cities that have pierogie/perogi/pyrogie on the menu. No matter how you say it, the dumpling bun is delicious.

Nye's Polonaise Room
112 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 379-2021

For appetizers, choose from a traditional cheese and potato pierogie, a Polish pierogie sampler or a prime rib pierogie. The prime rib version is a meaty one certain to stick to your ribs — tender prime rib cut, carrots and golden fried onions topped with crisply fried carrot shavings. House specialties are a Polonaise plate with prune pierogies and a Polish sausage and potato dinner. Better loosen your belt!

Hammer & Sickle
1300 Lagoon Ave. S., Suite 150
Minneapolis, MN 55113
(612) 367-4035

Friends and comrades, this Russian-themed restaurant is full of American accented Eastern European and Russian comfort food.The pierogie selection is worldly at $10 per varenyky. The Eastern European pierogie is the traditional potato and cheese version with bacon, caramelized onions, bacon and sour cream. The Yankee variation, with cheddar, bacon and ground beef, is a varenyky hamburger. The Latin pierogie dances with potato, chorizo, jalapeno and salsa. To really take off, order the Sputnik with potato and ground beef, served with tears from the eye-watering three-chili relish.

Brasserie Zentral
505 S. Marquette Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 333-0505

With eclectic Central, Eastern and Western European dishes, the brasserie menu has an intercontinental twist. Any dish on the menu can be mixed, matched and paired with craft cocktails, beer and wine from around the world. But a meal is incomplete without a plate of Polish style pierogie. Made of potato, bacon, herbal sour cream and sweet and sour cabbage, this dumpling is served as an appetizer or small plate. But who knows? Someday it may become more central on the Brasserie Zentral bill of fare.

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Kramarczuk's Brat
(credit: CBS)

Kramarczuk East European Deli
215 E. Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 379-3018

Kramarczuk makes modest mention of its pierogies. But visitors to Twin Cities tell everybody about the pierogies and other entrees this Eastern European deli restaurant dishes up. Like everything on its menu, Old World care and recipes go into pierogie making. One bite of a savory crepe (nalesnyky), rich meat or vegetable dumpling (pyrohy or varenyky) or a soft roll (piroshok) filled with ground-beef, egg and mushroom and you're bitten. One plate and you're full.

Sikora's Polish Market & Deli
1625 Washington St., NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 789-0907

Nothing is better than pierogie delicacies from a Twin Cities eatery or deli. A meat market and deli, Sikora's is also an alfresco eatery, a neighborly grab-and-go and the sponsor of Polish food festivals. The freshly made pierogies can satisfy anyone's hunger. Two or more pierogies can make a well-rounded meal. Whether or not you're a Polish Minnesotan, Sikora's has a pierogie for every taste: potato and bacon; meat filled dumplings; pork and beef; blueberry; strawberry; cherry and plum; spinach; sauerkraut; mushroom; cabbage; potato and cheese. Feast your eyes and enjoy with a Polish beverage.

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