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Bond Set At $50,000 For Man Connected To Wilton Manors Fentanyl Overdose Incident

WILTON MANORS (CBSMiami) – Axel Giovany Casseus was arrested in connection to the Wilton Manors fentaynl overdose incident last Thursday.

He is being held on a $50,000 bond.

"We have clear showing he sold them cocaine, no question about that. I wonder where the fentanyl is coming from?" said the Judge Joseph Murphy III.

It was a heated bond court Saturday morning.

"These victims, some of them are still on a ventilator and not able to communicate," said Denise Neuner, the Assistant State Attorney.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office was able to get a phone number for the dealer who allegedly sold drugs to the West Point cadets who were in town for Spring Break and staying at a Wilton Manors Airbnb.

The undercover detectives were able to then buy drugs from Casseus.

"Yesterday, Casseus delivered us 43 grams of what we believe is cocaine in exchange for $1,000," said Sgt. Ryan Hyatt with the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Shortly afterwards, the detectives followed him back to a hotel in Hollywood where he was taken into custody.

The cocaine that was sold to the undercover detectives did not test for fentanyl in their preliminary tests.

"If what was tested that you got from him showed fentanyl, then you've got connection. Without this, the connection is very tentative," said the Judge Murphy.

In custody, the detective said that Casseus admitted to participating in some fashion to the transaction that took place in the house.

"Based on his own statement and his own admission your honor he was there, he remembers meeting with the kids," said Hyatt.

"There's a definite link, judge, between the drugs that this man is selling to the individuals that are now on a ventilator fighting for their lives to the drugs that were sold to the undercover detective. There is a direct link that this individual is the source of supply so whether he's selling fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin is irrelevant… the fact is he is selling controlled substances that are potentially killing member of the community," said Neuner.

This investigation is still on going, as the state said the victims are still on ventilators and not able to communicate.

According to officials at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, four cadets were hospitalized. One was a football player.

One person was not hospitalized and one was not a cadet.

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