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Tracking The Tropics: Tropical Storm Bonnie could form soon, two other systems monitored

Miami Weather 6-29-22 5PM
Miami Weather 6-29-22 5PM 02:57

MIAMI - Potential Tropical Cyclone Two remains a disturbance Wednesday night as it passes near Aruba and Curacao. 

The disturbance will continue to track westward across the southern Caribbean Sea while bringing bursts of tropical rain along the Colombian and Venezuelan coasts through Thursday. 

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Then the system will track over warm waters of the southwestern Caribbean Sea which gives it a chance to strengthen to Tropical Storm Bonnie.

CBS News Miami

The storm is forecast to make landfall somewhere between southeastern Nicaragua or northeastern Costa Rica on Friday. It ill race across Central America and into the Pacific by Saturday morning.

Two other disturbances are being watched with one in the Gulf of Mexico and the other in the Atlantic. 

The low-pressure system over the western Gulf of Mexico is known as Invest 95-L and it is poorly disorganized as it slowly moves towards Texas southern coast. 

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This disturbance has a medium chance of getting better organized into a tropical depression, but it will be short-lived as it moves inland over Texas later on Thursday.

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Heavy rain will threaten Texas the next few days.

CBS News Miami

Meanwhile, a tropical wave is moving over the Atlantic approaching the Lesser Antilles with a very low chance for formation. This tropical wave will eventually track westward over the Windward Islands through the weekend.

None of the systems mentioned above pose a threat to South Florida at this time.

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