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Top Summer Educational Programs For Kids In South Florida

Summer is a time of well-earned vacation for your kids, but there's no reason the learning should stop just because classes are out of session. Keep your kids stimulated and engaged in learning and growing all summer with these educational programs throughout South Florida. When they return in the fall, they won't miss a step.
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Broward Country Libraries

From now until August 20th, children, teens and adults are encouraged to read and learn this summer during Broward County Library's Summer Learning Program. Register for the Summer Learning program online or at your favorite Broward County Library location and enter to win prizes and rewards. The program is about more than just prizes; the Summer Learning Program also includes a summer full of free programs, learning activities, fitness events, computer classes, physical challenges, coding hackathons, science and engineering experiments, healthy cooking demonstrations, entertaining shows and more.

Proven to lose up to three months of reading progress per summer, the Broward County Library System hopes to help children retain their reading and comprehension skills on into the new school year by providing them with tools, activities and rewards in doing so. While each branch varies in date and time, all libraries are promoting events and activities that will help children become better readers, writers and spellers. Free and exciting for youth of all ages, this program is definitely something that all kids should check out!

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Young At Art

751 S.W. 121st Ave.
Davie, FL 3325
(954) 424-5031

Built around busy summer schedules, Young at Art has created both summer day camps and per-day camps to fit children ages 3 to 14. Promoting the arts, both traditional and digital, Young at Art continues to amaze us with their hands-on ability to engage children in creative-yet-educational experiences that will certainly mold their mind for years to come. It is in the earliest years that a child absorbs the most. The arts instill appreciation for culture, STEM-based learning, innovation, creativity and public presentation.

Young at Art empowers their students to be creative, while embracing their own abilities and building self-confidence. With classes on ceramics, painting, sculpture, film, digital arts and performance, this is a program that will change lives and cultivate a future generation of leaders. Fees vary based on frequency, age group and program.

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12400 S.W. 152 St.
Miami, Florida 33177
(305) 255-5551

With a Zoofari in the works, ZooMiami has planned a summer camp for children ages 4 to 13 which will immerse them into the world of conservation and wildlife. In a literal "living classroom" environment, ZooMiami introduces children to zookeepers who will engage them in daily activity, playtime and animal encounters. They will learn how conserving our resources and environment truly are, while gaining a new appreciation for wildlife. From June 20 to August 12, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., this is not a bad place to be! Members of the Zoological Society of Florida will pay $190 per week, while non-members will pay $210.


Miami Children's Museum

980 MacArthur Causeway
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 373-5437

The Miami Children's Museum runs weekly summer themes as part of their summer children's program. Children will get the chance to explore culture and "travel the world" by engaging in the arts and play. Participating in sports, children will discover new sports associated with countries like Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, New Zealand and more!

Because a lack of physical activity has been a concern for our younger generations, this is the perfect summer camp activity! These programs introduce them to new hobbies and sports that they can participate in year-round. They will learn culture, history and the rules of each sport as they take action "head-on." The cost for this program is $198 weekly if you are a MCM member and $220 for non-members. They are providing sibling discounts, as well as aftercare and before care for the families, who would miss out otherwise. The program runs from June 13 to August 26.

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iD Tech Camps

University of Miami
3312 S. Dixie Highway
Coral Gables, FL 33146

With programs being held all over the world, iD Tech is teaming up with our most prestigious universities to provide students with a closer look at engineering and technology. STEM-based learning with hands-on exploration, students ages 7 to 17 will learn coding, video game design, Minecraft modification, 3D modeling, robot engineering, web design, photography and even 3D printing.

If you think about it, this is not just "playtime" -- they are actually being prepared for a future in engineering, coding and, well, life in general! Our tech world is quickly shaping our every day society, and these are skills anyone should develop during this day and age. Consider this more than a day camp -- Consider this an investment! Each class is specialized based on student ability and coupled with a dedicated instructor from the universities participating in this program.

Prices differ based on age group, class, level of experience, day-classes, week-classes and overnights. There are discounts, however, on their webpage that can really help with tuition.
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