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Top 5 Wildest Sports Callers Of The Week: August 3rd-August 7th

The Top 5 Sports Callers of the week is a weekly installment from CBS Local Sports that will bring you the wildest callers from across the nation.

Number 5: In this week’s episode we start with Kim from Atlanta who called in to the Rick and Jamie show on 92.9 The Game to tell Rick why she is hesitant to give any credit to the Atlanta Falcons front office.  

Number 4: Checking in at four is John from Hofstra who joined the Beningo and Roberts show on WFAN to explain to the guys the sense of excitement that is surrounding the New York Mets at the moment. 

Number 3: The number three caller this week was Rudolph from Euclid calling in to the Baskin and Phelps on 92.3 The Fan to say that as an older Cleveland sports fan, he just wants to see one team win a title before he dies.  

Number 2: The two spot goes to Kora from Philly who hopped on with Mike and Ike on 94 WIP and she got a little bit philosophical about Chip Kelly's coaching style and why it doesn't work for some guys. 

Number 1: Finally, the top spot is Jamal from Hicksville who called in to Tony Paige on WFAN to defend Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. after the announcement of the Andre Berto fight. 


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